An Unsung Hero: Reginald Fessenden, the Canadian inventor of radio telephony
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Northern Electric Radio Sets
Through the Years.
by Paul Guibord
Hammond Museum of Radio
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
by Barry Mishkind, The Eclectic Engineer:
1. The Broadcast Archive
2. Canadian Broadcasting History
List of manufacturers Canada List of radio manufacturers - Canada
Thanks to Radiomuseum
RadioAlumni The epics of Radiocommunication in Canada as told by the Radio Alumni
History of Canadian Broadcasting
Radio communications history and SIGINT in the
Canadian Navy and Army; Navigation systems,
RADAR, Marconi & Canadian Marconi,
HMCS Haida, and much more
by Jerry Proc
Société Québécoise
des Collectionneurs de Radio Anciens
OVRA Ontario Vintage Radio Association
CVRS Canadian Vintage Radio Society
SPARC Museum Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio in Canada
American Radio History Five million pages of AM FM & TV Broadcasting history online
Duane's Antique Radios 1920's Superheterodynes
VE3CFE VE3CFE Vintage Ham Stations
Authentic and reproductions of Vintage Ham Stations of the 1920's era
LVRC London Vintage Radio Club
TCA The Tube Collectors Association is established to support and encourage the collection of electron tubes of all types and historical periods.
The James Millen Society
AWA Antique Wireless Association
Early US Radio History
BVWS British Vintage Wireless Society
Dave's Homemade Radios