Unless otherwise stated, meetings will be held at (Map):
The Conference Room, The Ottawa Citizen, 1101 Baxter Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2C 3M4

Baxter Road runs north from Iris Street between Pinecrest and Woodroffe. Iris is the first traffic light south of the Queensway both at Pinecrest and Woodroffe exits. Use the visitor parking lot.
Flea market begins at 7:00 PM, meeting at 8:00 PM.

Members should check our web site, www.ovrc.org to confirm the status of the next upcoming meeting. Auction dates and locations are subject to change due to the availability of facilities.
* Bring your questions on restoration, collecting, makes & models, etc. to our panel of experts and see if you can stump them.
** Let's share some of our successes in restoring derelict radio equipment; bring in one or more of the items you are proud to have restored.
Members are also encouraged to bring any interesting "radio" items for display at the beginning of each meeting or for the "flea market" at the beginning of each meeting.
Also note, Members within the Ottawa area (613 Area Code) will be notified by telephone of any significant changes in venue or program content.

Review previous OVRC meetings 2014-2016 , 2002-2013

Meeting Date

Planned Event

Presenter / Host

Wed, January 11
Early radio repair and broadcasting in Western Canada
Jack Scrimgeour
Wed, February 8
Vibrator Powered Radios (farm & auto)
Gord Hamilton, Paul Guibord
Wed, March 8
My weirdest radio - Bring in your most unusual set
Wed, April 12
Dollar Sale - Bring in those small items
that are just taking up space.
Sun, May 28
Spring Auction
Wed, June 14
Video of the 2012 OVRC Radio Plays
Lea Barker
July and August
Summer Break - No Meetings
Wed, September 13
Sun, October 29
Fall Auction
Wed, November 8
Reminiscences of the CBC, and
Farm Radio International
Doug Ward
Wed, December 13
Annual General Meeting / Elections / Movies
OVRC Executive