The Ottawa Vintage Radio Club (OVRC) is an association of hobbyists, collector and historians interested in radio and electronics. The OVRC, which meets in the National Capital Area, emphasizes the history of radio in Canada. Membership is open to all. Member interests range from very early turn-of-19th/20th-century wireless equipment to transistor sets of the 1950s, and include associated fields, such as vintage audio, test equipment and electronics. OVRC is an all-volunteer organization which provides a forum for radio enthusiasts to meet and discuss common Interests, organize trips to radio events elsewhere in North America, share information and expertise, and provide assistance to newcomers to the field.

A quarterly newsletter is published to keep members up-to-date on club news, present a wide variety of articles prepared by members and provide free classified ads and news on radio events in eastern North America.

Monthly meetings normally include a flea market for radios and parts, prepared presentations by members on topics of interest, tutorials on restoration, "show and tell" sessions and auctions of member and donated equipment. Perhaps the most important function of the club is to provide a congenial, informal atmosphere where members can meet to discuss common interests, be brought up-to-date on what is happening in the hobby and make new friends.

The antique radio hobby spans a wide variety of interests, there is no "typical" club member. Individual backgrounds and interests range from the technical to the artistic, from the historian to the collector.

The period of time covered is from the turn of the century, when spark transmitters gave way to the crystal set, the vacuum tube and the transistor. In the early days, the term "radio" was magic indeed - it developed into what we now call "electronics"!

Some members have had an old radio in their possession for many years, and would like to restore it to its former glory. Others build period radios using authentic construction techniques and parts (which are still available!). To assist these individuals, club members share their extensive collective expertise in the construction and repair of radios. Club meetings are a good source of radios, parts and information - our Tube Club makes vintage vacuum tubes available at very attractive prices.

Club members are active in collecting radios and related material. The club provides a good forum for the collector to display his sets and discuss their interesting features.

Regardless of one's interests or background, whether you are interested in radio, broadcasting or electronics in general, the OVRC has a lot to offer.

Radio Theme Nights
Throughout the year, club members are encouraged to bring in and show-off specific portions of their radio collections. The Theme Night venue provides a great opportunity for all members to focus in on a specific aspect of antique radios. Several theme nights are planned for the coming year. Some of the themes already covered: speakers, Northern Electric and other Canadian radio manufactures, and military sets.