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Radio Interest

Our Radio Interest page will be featuring the many fancinating themes
 of Vintage Amateur Radio Stations of the 1920's Era


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Here are some Pics of VE3CFE Homebrew Vinatge Radio Projects




Four Tube Regenerative Receiver
Set features:
- 222 screen grid un-tuned input amplifier
- 201 regenerative detector with resistive control
- 2 stage transformer coupled audio amplification
- Volume & Band-spread controls
- voltages 135 (RF amp) / 67 (Audio amp) / 45 (det)

- completely 1920 vintage / all brass hardware
- Silver Marshall RF chokes / Coil / Audio Transformer
- 12 gauge square bus wiring
- all on a finished Mahogany board



The station transmitter is based on the Master Ocsillator Power Amplifier design (MOPA).

- 210 Oscillator / two parallel 210s amplifier
- Hartley Oscillator into a neutralized amplifier
- Operating at 500 volts on Amp & 350 Volts for Osc.
- Plate coils slide along glass rods
- Meters for amplifier plate current & antenna power
- Home made RFC 1 diameter Cotton covered wire




High voltage plate power supply for the MOPA transmitter uses a pair of 281's.

RCA Radiotron UP-1368 550 volt ct Transformer

Capacitor fed - Choke - cap configuration

Required to drive approx 125 m.a.